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Michelangelo knew it. Madonna knows it. And we live by it.

Creativity is life. The creative spirit is what makes us human, what sparks our fire, what wakes us up every morning. And yet, in today's business market, good creative doesn't hang from the low branches. It's developed through time, insight, dedication and that elusive spark of genius. We at HotDiggity are aflame with a passion for the unknown, the challenge and the creative process. And we burn to see our clients succeed.

Your company may need help reinfusing life into a brand message, or it may need a whole new brand. It's not your job to know that – it's ours to find out. HotDiggity's unique management is completely immersed in the creative process for all our clients. Our brains-on, hands-on approach allows us to build and reposition brands so that your company better understands its role in the market, and the market understands its need for your company. Good creative catches the consumer eye. And a stronger brand impression on your client's mind equals more revenue for you.

Welcome to HotDiggity Creative, a firm focused on developing brand spanking creative that guides our world class execution of marketing materials and media.



HotDiggity begins by getting to know our clients - your business, products, markets, and competition. We do what the others don't - we dig deep, get under the hood, and ask the probing questions. You get the opportunity to meet the creative team and tell us the whole story. We drive the process together, right from the get-go.The result is a solid understanding of the value proposition. For all of us.


Think one word: pyrotechnician. Everything we do is focused on one goal: to connect with that little spark in your company that makes you who you are. When we find it, you'll know it. And when we feed that spark into HotDiggity's creative process, fiery concept alights. The room gets brighter and the temperature rises. That's the HotDiggity moment. You can have one too.


Once we've created, redefined, or uplifted your brand, we carry the concept into all other elements of our work. HD generates unique, iconoclastic visuals and assets to support your identity and spread your fire on the market. Through brilliant design and media work, we offer creative development and execution of your brand mark, ad campaigns, web/multimedia, exhibition, commercials, PR/events, and collateral. We identify and create the media that best represents your company. And we do it all in-house.


Our creative execution is distinctive. It's integrative, straightforward, and enduring. The work we do for you will have impact. It will tell the truth.

Customer Support? What do you mean, customer support? You're part of the HotDiggity family now. And what the family needs, the family gets.


HotDiggity collaborates with companies in just about every industry you can think of. Our breadth of knowledge and services brings us to clients hard at work in mining caves, wide open fields, dental fillings and NASCAR racetracks. If you've got a marketing need, we can work with you.


Rick Pickford

HotDiggity's Creative Director has over 20 years of creative and branding experience. As a boy running around the junkyards with his dad's Polaroid, Little Ricky Pickford wanted to understand a few things. Mostly how the world worked. Years of studies in Electrical Engineering, Economics, Technology and Psychology and the exposure to a myriad of industries led Rick to realize that he was a highly developed generalist and better find something to specialize in. As Creative Director, he's able to fuse his knowledge of science and industry together with his ability to communicate through all advertising mediums.

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Unless your name is Klee Shay, we'd like to know more about you. We're interested in honesty, brilliance, passion and humor. And that little spark.

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